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GloMar Subsea is a division of GloMar Offshore an international service provider offering subsea support services to the offshore energy industry.

We are fast establishing ourselves as the reliable ‘new’ subsea partner. GloMar Subsea is rapidly growing and with over 40 years of experience in most aspects of modern commercial air diving and ROV operations worldwide we are able to offer customized options and solutions to every project.

As a division of GloMar Offshore we are capable of offering you and your company the complete full subsea package. We operate a diverse fleet of purpose built offshore vessels, state of the art equipment and our personnel are highly skilled ready to exceed your expectations.

GloMar Subsea’s Core Values

1. Safety
In every GloMar Subsea operation safety comes first. Ensuring the safety of our employees, contractors and the environment is paramount. Our Quality & Safety management systems are based upon the most current and acknowledged industry standards, enabling us to maintain a safe working environment.

2. Quality
Quality is one of our top priorities and we pride ourselves on delivering to the highest possible standard without any concession to safety or finance. We believe the quality of our state of the art vessels, equipment and well –trained professional personnel ensure operations are always completed to your satisfaction.

3. Respect
GloMar Subsea holds the utmost respect for Mother Nature and the communities in which we work. We believe the respect we have for all our colleagues, strategic partners, vessels, equipment and contractors are an immediate reflection of our companies ethos.

4. Integrity
GloMar Subsea endeavours to always do the right thing and as a company we believe we have moral obligations as well as commercial ones. We are honest, fair and sincere in all situations.

5. Drive
GloMar Subsea is always up for a challenge.


GloMar Offshore
GloMar Offshore comprises of 4 well-established divisions:

• Glomar Ship Management B.V.

A diverse fleet of high quality purpose built offshore support vessels operated by a dedicated team of talented ship management
professionals. With a range of applicable quality management tools, guidelines and procedures, we safeguard operations at sea and onshore.

• GloMar Offshore Wind Support B.V.

Operating Service Operations Vessels (SOV’s) for the offshore wind industry. Your logistical partner for Offshore Installation Support, Multibeam & ROV Survey, Dive Support Operations, Personnel Transfer, Equipment Transfer, Accommodation Support, Geophysical Survey and Decommissioning Support.

• GloMar Subsea B.V.

The international One-Stop-Shop subsea service provider to the offshore energy sector specializing in onshore and offshore diving and ROV operations.

• Globaltic Marine

An experienced ship builder who believes in cooperation and communication, whilst incorporating the latest technologies to serve a cross-range of industries. With worldwide expertise in many industries, including the offshore, fishing, shipping and offshore wind industry. GloMar Offshores head office is located in Den Helder, in the Northwest of the Netherlands, in the heart of the Oil and Gas industrial zone. GloMar Offshore divisions have additional offices situated in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland.

For further information on all divisions please visit the GloMar Offshore website.